This is a continuously running simulation of a real-time situation on the roads. Each moving dot represents a docked phone in a vehicle, running DailyRoads Voyager - our Android app.

Drivers allow this kind of anonymous monitoring, so people can view a real-time video streaming of whatever the driver is seeing in front of the vehicle.

Normally such a connection comes with a cost to the viewer, and part of this cost is transferred to the driver as credits, except when there is some kind of existing relationship (for family, friends and fleet managers). The only free connections are those where somebody else already initiated a video streaming, or for emergency services.

Try to click on:

  • any of the checkboxes at the top - to show/hide the corresponding dots/vehicles
  • any dot - to connect to a vehicle and view a demo video stream
  • another dot - to view 2 video streams simultaneously
  • icon in the bottom-right corner of the video - to make the video full-screen